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Panel Discussion: Women’s Engagement with New Media

The proverbial glass ceiling has long been in the way of women’s upward movement within the public sphere, including in media institutions. How have women overcome the limitations of access and opportunity of the conventional media structures by increasingly and innovatively engaging with online media platforms and spaces? The Sri Lankan chapter of South Asian […]

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Introduction to new media, Internet security and web based social media strategies

Around a fortnight ago I was invited by two leading civil society organisations (Women and Media Collective and Young Asia Television) to conduct full day training programmes for civil society activists, mostly women and from outside the Western Province, introducing them to web based social and new media, new media advocacy strategies and Internet security. […]

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From paper to pixels: News today

Yet something of the old media world is deeply missed. The serendipitous discovery of news and information, for example. We all now live in so-called ‘filter bubbles’, consuming information either curated by us, or for us. Some of this curation is human, which offers agency and choice to the few who wish to really engage […]

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Citizen Journalism in Sri Lanka: Video of book launch (in Sinhala)

Read this post for a full description of this event and book, which also contains a video interview with me in English. This video of the launch was produced by Young Asia Television, and was part of a longer episode in the Connections series. The original video can be viewed on Vimeo here.

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Retention and discoverability: Disappearing tweets, archiving information and peacebuilding

The problem is simply stated. Peacebuilding today, however defined and conducted, cannot exclude the importance and impact of content produced and shared on Twitter (and other social media platforms). This content is particularly resonant when produced and disseminated within cycles of violence, either during or after war. The volume of this content is growing. The […]

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Citizen Journalism in Sri Lanka: Video of book launch

Kasun Erandi, now a graduate of Kelaniya University and currently employed at the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), is someone who came and met me around one and a half years ago as she was writing her thesis on new media and citizen journalism in Sri Lanka. I was happy to note that she had gone […]

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Layered Video: Web video’s next big thing?

Guy Gunaratne and I have known each other for a few years, and were first acquainted in the lead up to a film he went on to produce and show around the world, The Truth That Wasn’t There. Having subsequently set up his own production company CODOC with a few others, Guy’s most recent venture […]

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The skeletons in all our cupboards: Google Earth’s importance in recent Sri Lankan history

Cross-posted from my personal blog. ### To remember is a choice, a hard one. To remember is to hold in check those who wish to return to the horrors of the past. To not revisit policies that led to past horrors is to give Sri Lanka a greater chance of healing, and reconciliation. And yet, […]

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A Twitter storm over a cartoon

On Groundviews this morning, I covered in detail conversations on Twitter with Sri Lankans and Indians on the publication of an utterly tasteless cartoon, depicting the Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, in the Sunday edition of Lakbima, a newspaper with good circulation and owned by a businessman very close […]

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The long arc of Nandikadal: New media bearing witness

Cross-posted from my personal blog, and published as my regular column in the print edition of The Nation, on 9 September 2012. ### Recent events in Tamil Nadu demonstrate the risk inherent in what most suggest is the Rajapaksa regime’s LLRC gambit – to drag on a process of enfeebled accountability and reductive reconciliation until […]

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