Towards 2020 Science

I first read about the Towards 2020 Science report by Microsoft Research in Cambridge in the Economist here (25th March print edition). Having subsequently read the report, it’s interesting that much of what it opines is also directly relevant to the raison d’etre of the HSG.

In particular, the report highlights the need for new approaches to computing that take into account not just the increase in computational power, but ways through which such power is harnessed for AI / decision support mechanisms – the foundation of InfoShare’s ideas on Peace Tools and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in particular.

The report goes on to highlight the need for what it terms new research institutes, which move away from the fetish of academic papers to research that moves from concept, to design and application rapidly.

InfoShare is the archetype of such a research institute – and it’s interesting that some of the key ideas in the report are those which are very similar to that which InfoShare and I have articulated in the recent past.

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