هل تتكلم العربيه؟

Do you speak Arabic?

If you do, that’s precisely the question I typed into Google new online beta of an Arabic translation service. Because I don’t, I’d like to know from someone who does how good the translation is.

When I translated the Arabic back into English using the same service, I got “Do speak Arabic?” – not Shakespeare, but getting there.

I’ve been interested in natural language parsing and machine translation for a while and think it will not be too long when machines will be able to translate from any language into any language. It’s interesting that Strong Angel III that takes place later this year will also test machine translation, following similar experiments in Strong Angel II.

It’s a long way before such systems can be used in mission critical applications or active peace processes, but even present day technologies show just how far the systems have evolved in recent years.

Paz Pace Paix or Peace – it all means the same thing at the end of day – a world without violence.

2 thoughts on “هل تتكلم العربيه؟

  1. Hi, I know it’s too late to answer this question after 3 years from your post ;),
    Yes Google translate is good compared with others but it’s still bad and need a lot of work maybe because an Arabic language have tons of words (more than 2 million root word) of course we don’t use all of them but believe me we use a lot with a huge amount of expressions and that’s what makes literary translation mostly useless.

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