SMS for one, or all


It’s not easy to send a text message to a group of friends today. If you do figure out how, nobody who gets the message knows who else got the message. And there certainly is no way to reply to everyone and actually have a conversation. 3Jam solves this problem by providing a “’Reply to All” capability to the text messages sent by you and your friends.

Excerpt from 3jam is group text messaging plus ‘reply to all’ for your cell phone

When I first read about 3jam on the C|Net blog my only thought was how soon Dialog, being the most progressive mobile telecoms provider in Sri Lanka, would introduce a similar service in Sri Lanka.

We seem to be on the cusp of many interesting advancements in social networking through mobile and new media. Services such as 3jam and Skypecasting will revolutionise the way we communicate with each other. In doing so, as Colin Rule points to here, these technologies are a major challenge to the fee-for-service based voice telecom providers. Furthermore, service like 3jam can augment initiatives and frameworks that already use mobile phones in processes of democratisation that use cellphone and mobile devices (such as PDAs) as tools for political mobilisation of the masses.

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