Nurturing the future generations of ODR

Colin Rule, in a characteristically insightful and succint blog post, explores the need to nurture the next generation of thought-leaders in ODR. I’ve emphasised earlier the need to ensure that new out-of-the-box thinking inspired by young thinkers is the heart of conflict transformation over the long-term.

It’s interesting that Colin makes the same point regarding the future of ODR, ending on this thoughtful note:

However, the beauty of ICT is that the conversation can be global. ODR’s power comes from its freedom from the bonds of geography, so it’s only appropriate that we should innovate from the same perspective. If I have any aspiration for my work in ODR it is to help to nurture the development of these new sources of innovation, wherever they are in the world, and not to be fearful or resistant when the next revolutionary idea is expressed.

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