Irrepressible – Safeguarding Rights on and off the ‘net


Information Policy carried news of a BBC report on Amnesty International’s new campaign on the protection of Human Rights on and off the internet – called Irrepressible.

Called, the campaign will revolve around a website with the same name. While the human rights group has run separate campaigns about web repression and the jailing of net dissidents before now, will bring them all together.

It aims to throw light on the many different ways that the freedom to use the net is limited by governments.

The OpenNet Initiative has an interesting map on the degrees of internet freedom, through which it is apparent that the countries that most censor content production and dissemination through the internet are also those with suspect human rights regimes. As the BBC website reports:

“The internet has become a new frontier in the struggle for human rights,” said Kate Allen, UK director of Amnesty International.

Its potential to empower and educate, to allow people to share and mobilise opinion has led to government crackdowns. will harness the power of the internet and of individuals to oppose repression and stand up for free speech,” said Ms Allen.”

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