Citizen, Content, Connect

“Easy really, a website is only as good as the commitment and engagement of the people who give to time to publish captivating and useful content. If you haven’t got that you might as well give up. You’ve got to get the technology right, but once you’ve done that it’s all about people.”

I’ve noted in earlier posts (Last mile & first mile, access & production, Access vs. content development) the need to emphasise content development as a process that is as important as providing ever-widening footprints of wired and wireless internet connectivity.

This is borne out by an interesting news report I read today on a report titled Citizen, Content, Connect, by Martine Tommis, Project Manager, URBACT Information Society Network. Of particular note are observations on local content generation, the need for content to really animate internet access frameworks and the essential emphasis on people, not technology.

I’ve long since felt that engaging and creative content is what drives the adoption of technology. While provision of internet access is important, ICT4Peace sees communities as partners in a process of strengthening democracy by building their capacity to produce and distribute content that raises local issues and highlights local voices.

Content that is compelling, locally relevant and results in concrete changes through greater awareness of a particular issue (via political intervention, community action or a combination of both) is, for ICT4Peace, a fundamental reason to support of ever widening footprints of wireless internet access coupled with an equally important emphasis on the generation of content that animates the use of the internet and web in ways that help communities change their life for the better.

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