Wirelessly supporting peace

Mesh networks for peace

In the short to medium term at least, it is a case of understanding individual user requirements and blending WiFi and cellular options accordingly.

I don’t usually point to purely technical articles, but this one, from which I’ve quoted above, is a very useful one that succintly explains the the key wireless internet & web access methods with one notable exception.

Mesh networking.

The backbone of the $100 (or is it $140) dollar laptop, the potential of mesh networking for ICT4Peace is as multifaceted as it is exciting.

One agrees with the point made at the end of the article. In countries like Sri Lanka, which suffer from an almost pathological inability for spectrum management or telecoms regulation in a progressive manner, the potential of wireless access is strangled by the inability of a ordinary citizens to avail themselves of the full potential of technologies that are introduced in a haphazard and piecemeal manner. As such, the challenge of ICT4Peace, in supporting governance, democracy and peace, is to use existing technologies creatively, as I have written about in earlier posts – Content without wires & Last mile & first mile, access & production.

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