Blogging Left, Right & Centre

PEW Internet Project

Turns out that in America at least, bloggers actively seek out political opinions that challenge their own!

With every conceivable political niche having its own Internet outpost, critics fear that the Internet could fragment into a set of like-minded communities. The Pew study shows that the opposite is also true. Instead of reading only sites with which they agree, nearly half of the general Internet population reads news and blogs without a particular political slant, and nearly a quarter of all readers actively seek out sources that challenge their own views. While political message boards can make one fear for the future of a democracy in which people can no longer debate and disagree well, the new study provides evidence that many Internet users refuse to lock themselves inside a political ghetto.

This excerpt from a Ars.Technica story on a recent Pew Internet & American Life project survey on bloggers is extremely interesting to read and makes on wish that a similar project could be carried out in Sri Lanka.

Any takers?

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