Smart Toolkit for evaluating information products and services

Over 2003 – 2004, I was involved in testing some components of this toolkit for evaluating ICT and information related initiatives such as newsletters, websites, workshops and training, online communities and radio programmes, facilitated by LEAP IMPACT – a joint initiative of CTA, IICD, Bellanet, and KIT.

I noticed recently that they have put up a PDF of the preliminary final version of the Toolkit, available here.

As the document states:

This Toolkit is for organisations interested in learning how to improve their project management practices and to develop a culture of evaluation. The Toolkit is also for anyone interested in good project management such as managers and funding agencies, as well as other stakeholders who play an active role in the life of the information product or service. The Toolkit particularly lends itself to the non-experts in evaluation, particularly those at the grassroots level, because of its style and the type of information provided.

The toolkit is also written with a view to facilitating iterative / self-learning, as opposed to external evaluations of initiatives that rarely transfer knowledge or build local capacities. In this respect, this is a well written and easy to understand set of tools that can easily be built into initiatives in the future, and in most cases, be effectively retro-fitted to existing projects as well, with a view to strengthening their quality, impact, reach, sustainability and long-term effectiveness.

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