Strong Angel III – Videos on GIS

These were some extremely fascinating GIS solutions on display at SA III. These two videos capture Google Earth and the ways in which it was used in SA III. The video is from an afternoon debrief, so it’s not at all representative of the range of uses that GIS is being used for as part of the on-going activities of SA III.

Part 1

Part 2

Question is, how many of these technologies, which rely on high bandwidth data transfers, high definition wide screen and large format LCD screens, and high resolution large format printers for their output, can survive for more than a day in a real humanitarian crisis? The essential fragility of some of the equipment, for instance, make them only useful for command and control centres located in urban centres.

More important to me, and what I really haven’t seen at SA III, is a simple A4 sheet, that can be photocopied and given to first responders with their primary information needs (needs, resources, dangers).

Low tech, but high impact.

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