ICT4Peace Foundation spearheads global efforts to mainstream ICT for Peacebuilding

In an email I received recently from Daniel Stauffacher, Chairperson of the ICT4Peace Foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland, he mentioned a letter from the United Nation’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) that confirms the recognition of ICT4Peace as a full-fledged part of the official WSIS follow-up process (Geneva Plan of Action) by the UN, based on Paragraph 36 of the Tunis Commitment and as proposed by the ICT4Peace Foundation.

36. We value the potential of ICTs to promote peace and to prevent conflict which, inter alia, negatively affects achieving development goals. ICTs can be used for identifying conflict situations through early-warning systems preventing conflicts, promoting their peaceful resolution, supporting humanitarian action, including protection of civilians in armed conflicts, facilitating peacekeeping missions, and assisting post conflict peace-building and reconstruction.

In addition DESA welcomed the offer of the ICT4Peace Foundation to lead the ICT4Peace community of expertise under the chapter Governance of the UN Global Alliance on ICT4 Development.

Looks like ICT4Peace is finally well on the way to being recognised as a body of theory, research and practice that is worthy of global attention.

Un Desa Letter-1

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