Videoletters – Using TV and new media for reconciliation

Videoletters is a tool for reconciliation in post-war countries & a conflict prevention tool in multy ethnic societies. By reconnecting former enemies, Videoletters contributes to open communication and makes reconciliation possible.

The Videoletters project aims to foster reconciliation in post-war countries in the former Yugoslavia by attempting to re-establish friendships that have been ruptured by the conflict. Individuals in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Monte Negro, and Kosovo are invited to exchange greetings through a video message, in an attempt to open channels of communication. The original documentary project by Dutch filmmakers Katarina Rejger and Eric van den Broekhas has since expanded to include television broadcasts, a mobile caravan, helplines and an interactive website.

For more details, click here.

For the Videoletters website, click here.

This is truly inspired and inspirational, and worthy of emulation in other countries to foster reconciliation and peacebuilding. See also an excellent Q&A video on the project.

For some existing productions done in Sri Lanka on reconciliation, see here. The problem with these productions is that they are hidden – once broadcast, there is no way to access them, whereas the interactive and user generated content on the Videoletters website makes for a far more useful and engaging selection of content.

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