Launch of Sri Lanka’s first tri-lingual citizen journalism website


In response to many requests from civil society, NGOs, CSOs, humanitarian aid organisations including sections of the UN, local and international journalists as well as members from the diaspora to create a website on conflict and peace in Sri Lanka as seen through the eyes of concerned citizens, the Media Unit of the Centre for Policy Alternatives is pleased to announce the launch of GROUNDVIEWS.

Groundviews aims to be both a catalyst for those in support of peace, reconciliation and development in Sri Lanka, including internationals, to freely air their opinions as well as serve as a central portal for alternative news and information on peace and conflict in Sri Lanka. The website will accept and display short articles and features in Sinhala, Tamil and English. We encourage submissions from a citiizen’s perspective that are:

1. pithy & provocative
2. bear witness to the denial of justice, human rights & gross ceasefire violations
3. essentially humanizes and critiques conflict & peace through alternative cultural, social, economic and political perspectives.

Called citizen journalism elsewhere, this is the first attempt in Sri Lanka to create a means through which concerned citizens can regularly and safely write their own brief accounts of life in a violent country.

All content will be archived and indexed, making this website, over time, a valuable repository of alternative / citizens perspectives on conflict and peace in Sri Lanka.

Sign-up is fast and free and authors can contribute anonymously if desired. Note that content submitted will not be moderated or verified, and neither CPA nor I will not be responsible for the veracity of information on the site.

Over next year, this website will feature the voices of highly respected civil society activists, national and provincial journalists, academics, young scholars and researchers, leading Sri Lankan bloggers, youth activists, gender specialists, filmmakers and thinkers. Given the highly contentious nature of issues these authors will address, they may choose to post under their own names or under pseudonyms.

Either way, readers are guaranteed content that is fresh & engaging.

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