Stop Disasters! Or maybe not in Sri Lanka…

Stop Disasters

I’ve blogged extensively about Serious Games here, and was interested to read Paul Currion’s missive about Stop Disasters!, a new, Flash based games that is now on the web released by the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

I agree with Paul that Stop Disasters! is a fantastic game, addictive even. The UI takes a bit of getting used to, but is easy enough to grasp, even if you’ve never played the Sims in your life.

The game features a couple of scenarios to choose from: tsunami, hurricane, wild fire, earthquake and flood – all of them with their unique settings, operational boundaries and conditions etc. You can choose a very large map area of a smaller size – beware, the larger map areas are extremely challenging and give an idea of just how challenging and difficult real world disaster management and preventative planning can be.

UNISDR‘s looking out for more scenarios – perhaps a good opportunity for the likes of Lirneasia and their path-breaking work on dam related hazards to step in and help develop.

Perhaps by games we can help raise the awareness of and teach that which serious academic and research papers cannot to those in power and in positions of authority to help prevent or plan for the next disaster, in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the world.

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