Voices of Reconciliation Radio – January 2007 Update

Tune in and turn up the volume!

VOR Radio aims to enhance social, political and cultural cohesion in Sri Lanka through podcasts and radio productions that feature the ideas and opinions of citizens rarely featured in mainstream media. Content is in Sinhala, Tamil and English with a special focus on civil society initiatives and perspectives on peace, reconciliation and democracy.

There’s already over 120+ hours worth of programming on the website and we strongly encourage local and international CSOs and NGOs to provide us with more content on Sri Lanka, which can be hosted on VOR Radio absolutely free of charge.

VOR Radio is associated with Groundviews, Sri Lanka’s first and only tri-lingual citizen journalism website, initiated under the Voices of Reconciliation project.

New content:

Podcast on how a village in Sri Lanka uses “direct democracy” to resolve & transform disputes –Traditional solutions for modern day problems

Podcast on the impact of the on-going violence on Sri Lanka’s tourist industry – Conflict poses threat to Sri Lanka’s tourist industry

Several podcasts in Tamil on issues related to governance, democracy, peace, fundamental rights and the erosion of living conditions in the North East following the upswing in violence – Real Voices Radio

A 45 minute podcast in Sinhala, first broadcast on Ruhunu Sevaya, on issues of interest to local communities in Matara, ranging from the impact of increased security in light of the increasing violence and the bomb blasts in the South, to public health and sanitation – Matara Media House

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