ICT4Peace featured on The Communication Initiative

Kier Olsen DeVries, Senior Editor of The Communication Initiative, with whom I’ve been occasionally in touch with for several years regarding my work in media, peacebuilding and ICT4Peace, wrote in to say that this blog well be featured for the next week on The Communication Initiative’s homepage!

The Communication Initiative (The CI) network is an online space for sharing the experiences of, and building bridges between, the people and organisations engaged in or supporting communication as a fundamental strategy for economic and social development and change. It does this through a process of initiating dialogue and debate and giving the network a stronger, more representative and informed voice with which to advance the use and improve the impact of communication for development. This process is supported by a web-based resource of summarised information and several electronic publications, as well as online research, review and discussion platforms providing insight into communication for development experiences.

From a time a couple of years ago when people scoffed at the very word ICT4Peace, I’ve demonstrated by example how ICT can secure & strengthen peace processes, peace negotiations, democracy, reconciliation and governance. Through the innovation of InfoShare and the experience garnered through years at the Centre for Policy Alternatives working with media and peacebuilding, the work we’ve engendered in Sri Lanka in ICT4Peace is ripe for scaling up and applying in other conflict zones as well.

Please get in touch – I’d love to hear about your own experiences in this new and exciting field of theory and practice.

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