Citizen Journalism content from Sri Lanka – Groundviews Fortnightly update

Groundviews – – Sri Lanka’s groundbreaking citizens journalism website, currently features a wide range of articles focussing on issues of humanitarian issues, media, human rights, peace, democracy, constitutional reform and governance.

Here’s just a small sample of new content added to the website recently:

Points of view
If this is not war, what is?
Crossing over into chaos
The Death of a Priest
Sam the inimitable
Conflict on Canvas

Academic Analysis
The promise of Citizen Journalism
Some thoughts on the Second Chamber

From the field
42 People surrender at Jaffna Human Rights Commission
Batticaloa CHA facilitating IDPs

Groundviews Community Poll

Is the International Community partial to the LTTE?

In a lighter vein

System upgrades
Groundviews now makes it easier to search for content by individual authors.

We will also feature a regular fortnightly poll, the first of which is already online – please share with us your opinion by voting !

Visit Groundviews today for a fuller range of articles!

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