ICT4Peace, OLPC and Technology for Social Change – A conversation with Paul Currion

I should have said Part 1 in the title. As we ended our conversation, we both agreed that there was much that we wanted to, but didn’t cover – and that in any case, the issues that we talked about would continue to evolve, necessitating at least one other conversation in the future.

Paul Currion is someone I have admired the writings of ever since I became a student of technology for peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

We spoke for a tad over 45 minutes.

Paul reflected on his experience in using technology for humanitarian work, his interactions with big corporations, the assumptions and the attitudes of the West in developing solutions for community empowerment in the Global South. I reflected briefly on my work in Sri Lanka, but was really more interested in hearing Paul’s critique of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative, that of late has generated so much interest and media coverage, including at the World Economic Forum at Davos.

This conversation would be interesting for anyone interested in using technology for social change, peacebuilding, humanitarian work, conflict transformation or any related area.

Thanks again Paul – and I hope that this conversation inspires a broader discussion on just how, and indeed, if, technology can be used for transforming some of the most vexed social, political and economic conflict in the world today.

Listen to the podcast streamed over the web, or download it on to your PC or mobile device from here (hosted on VOR Radio).

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