Virtual worlds and VOIP

Second Life

Seems like Second Life is a step closer to, from what I noted earlier on this blog, is a step closer to becoming a viable ODR platform for those who have the bandwidth & graphics processing power needed to run it in full glory. Second Life now sports VOIP – currently in beta, but with a progressive roll-out.

The biggest draw, for me, of Second Life, is that it runs natively on my Mac. However, as a reader notes in the TechCrunch post here, Second Life rival There has had this feature as part of its sims for a while now.

Having just installed Windows XP through Bootcamp on my Macbook Pro, I’m going to try out There, after around 2 years of meanderings in Second Life, to see whether it matches up to that which I’ve come to expect from Second Life as life virtually online.

See also my other posts on Second Life and Online Dispute Resolution.

2 thoughts on “Virtual worlds and VOIP

  1. So, what did you think of There?

    I think it’s more polished — more of a canned experience — and that its up sides and down sides.

    SL is the web 2.0 virtual space. is more for adults. 😉


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