JasmineNewsWires wants you!

Got this in my Inbox from JNW today.

Dear JNW reader,

Thank you for supporting JNW as it develops its news services. You are invited to become a contributor to JNW and support public journalism. In return you will receive a free SMS breaking news subscription from JNW.

Alternatively, you could subscribe using your credit card online for Rs250 per month (www.jnw.lk/subscribe), or Rs650 per month for cash, cheque invoice subscriptions. (details on http://www.jnw.lk/subscribe)
If you wish to become a contributor we would be grateful if you could:

a) Send JNW at least 5 SMS messages a month highlighting news that could be of public interest. You could also mention your views and comments about news events, or leave comments on the JNW homepage.


b) Send JNW 3 SMS messages + 2 MMS photo or video messages a month with news, views, photos, videos or experiences of public interest. You can also email digital camera photos or videos.

MMS (multi media) messages could be emailed to contactjnw@gmail.com or sent to +94777-598770.

MMS settings for your phone can be easily obtained by calling your mobile operator who will often SMS the settings direct to your phone. Enter the email address when sending an MMS to deliver your message to that email address.

To sign up as a contributor simply text +94777598770 typing “Contrib” or reply to this email.
You will be engaging in a public service that will directly improve news services for all readers.

Terms: JNW reserves the right to end this arrangement with invited readers giving due notice.

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