Webchat on: Threats to Journalists and Media Professionals

Webchat on: Threats to Journalists and Media Professionals.

Threats to journalists’ safety remain a very real concern all over the globe. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, seven journalists were confirmed killed in 2007 alone, with another seven deaths awaiting confirmation as of April 9. Although risks associated with war reporting are currently the biggest threat to journalists’ safety, publishing stories critical of certain governments also remains a safety risk in some countries.

On May 22 at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) (Sri Lankan time 7.30 p.m.), join Sherry Ricchiardi, associate professor at Indiana University’s School of Journalism and director of its international media affairs, for a webchat on dangers faced by journalists and media professionals around the world. Ricchiardi is on the Society of Professional Journalists’ international committee and the programming board of the International Center for Education of Journalists in Opatija, Croatia. She also serves a consultant to the Crimes of War Project in Washington and to the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at the University of Washington. (More)

If you would like to participate in this webchat, please sign up on the USINFO Webchat registration page. Please enter your preferred screen name; use of full names is not required.

If you have participated in any previous webchats, use the same e-mail. (You no longer need to enter a password.) You may submit questions in advance.

Accept questions and comments in advance of, and at any time during, the program. You also may e-mail questions without registering.

The transcript of this webchat will be available on USINFO’s Webchat Station, where information about upcoming webchats is also available.

Webchat FAQs

Looking forward to participating in this event, though during the signup I noted that the system seems to be only tailored to run on IE 5.0 or higher. This may be because this was the browser of choice at the time this system was developed, but to seemingly exclude the Linux and OS X community, to name just two non-IE user groups, in 2007 is quite unfortunate.

It also reminded me of FEMA’s Internet Explorer fiasco after Katrina, but unlike what happened there, this site does seem to work on Firefox on my Mac despite the warnings and I hope that on the day of the web chat, all the functionality is available as well.

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