A conversation with Daniel Stauffacher on ICT4Peace and how it can help conflict resolution

Do you believe that the better use of technology can strengthen peace processes to the extent that there will be more peace 5 years hence than today?

Yes indeed. ICTs and in particular web 2.0 will create even more transparency and efficient tools for actors in the field of conflict prevention, mediation, conflict resolution and peace building.

An interview I conducted with Daniel Stauffacher, with whom I work with at the ICT4Peace Foundation, that address key challenges and opportunities in Information and Communications Technology for conflict mitigation.

Daniel Stauffacher

The interview, conducted over email, covers a broad range of issues including international aid coordination, the role of technology in peacebuilding and the challenges of putting into action policies adopted by WSIS in support of ICT4Peace.

Read the full interview here.

For an audio podcast with Daniel, conducted in 2006 at the site of Strong Angel III, please click here. (Download directly from here.)

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