YouTube opens Nonprofit Channels

YouTube’s announced the creation of a Non-Profit Programme that gives US registered non-profits receive “a free non-profit specific YouTube channel where they can upload footage of their work, public service announcements, calls to action and more”. The non-profit channels will feature, inter alia:

  • A premium channel on YouTube that serves as a non-profit’s hub for their uploaded videos. Through the channel, people can connect with a non-profit via messages, subscriptions, comments and more. Non- profits will also receive enhanced channel branding features and increased upload capacity.
  • In the coming months, non-profit channels will have a centralized area on YouTube, making them and their videos more easily discoverable.

I only hope YouTube extends this new service to non-profits outside of the US. Visit their new Non-Profits page here.

To glimpse at what’s possible using YouTube, visit the Groundviews Video Channel here.


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    […] small, independent content providers will be able to access Joost’s programming platform, in the same manner as YouTube, which I feel would be necessary if Joost is to become a viable platform (wherever the bandwidth is […]

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