Blogs: Spittoons for the deranged or fostering constructive debate?

In the aptly titled Some types are more fuckin’ than others? Java Jones, that inimitable voice in the Sri Lankan blogosphere, examines the timbre of expression on blogs and notes that:

Checking out one of the most popular (or would ‘most widely read’ be a more suitable term?) blogs on kottu yesterday I was struck once again by the vehemence of one respondent in particular who spared no pains to express his attitude towards the blogger in the most personal and vituperative way, even bringing the blogger’s family into the equation (okay, alright – it is Sittingnut and Indi that I’m on about – as if that would have required brains to figure out!). And this made me flash on the emotive responses that, in all probability, all us bloggers are susceptible to.

The post has inspired a tag renewal of sorts on often deliciously sarcastic Achcharu and gets Drac to ask of us, “… even when the discussion has steered clear of that sort of thing, has it really been intelligent and thought provoking? Or merely sycophantic and lengthy me-toos from either side of whichever divide is being posted about?

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