InfoShare – Transforming society through technology


I’m a founding Director and Head of ICT and Peacebuilding at InfoShare, which was set up in 2004 and currently provides services to a range of leading organisations in the development and civil society sectors in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

InfoShare’s main skill is in its ability to design ICT applications and services to support and strengthen the work of civil society and the development sector.

To date, our work has included systems for mission critical peace negotiations support, anti-trafficking collaboration systems in Sri Lanka and India, high-level donor coordination systems and civil society / NGO project and programme management platforms. Our work has also included, as part of Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential programme, designing and writing syllabi for sectors including media & journalism, tourism, garments and agriculture.

InfoShare is also a partner in the Last Mile Initiative. The LMI Project will utilize an innovative franchise business model that will empower local entrepreneurs in rural communities to offer value-added ICT-enabled services to rural customers. By developing a profitable business model, the project will seek to attract private investment and market entry in the provision of ICT-enabled services to rural customers.

The project is a multi-stakeholder partnership between civil organizations (InfoShare and its NGO partners), the government (Vocational Training Authority, or VTA), and donors (USAID and Microsoft). Approximately 60 CTCs located at VTA facilities will be supported, with upgraded infrastructure development supported by Microsoft in four regional centers, and additional infrastructure provided by USAID for VTA centers in the tsunami-affected areas. Using the UP curriculum as a base, the project team will develop industry-relevant courses that enhance the employability of the students. A train-the-trainer component will cover 180 VTA and NGO trainers; InfoShare will also establish a help desk to provide telephone support to these trainers. More than 3,200 people will receive the direct benefit of IT skills training at the centers. An additional 12,000 people will participate via the information and communications technology awareness program.

More information here.

We are a global thought-leader in ICT4Peace and are key partners with the ICT4Peace Foundation’s high-level ICT4Peace process. We don’t however just work at the policy level – our expertise and experience lies in designing and deploying ICT architectures on the ground / in the field, in support of peace and conflict transformation within cycles of violence.

In 2007 alone, we’ve managed to design a world-class human rights violations monitoring and reporting system, multi-lingual citizen journalism websites and various civil society, media and NGO websites with custom tailored content management systems that support English, Sinhala and Tamil.

More details of our work in the attached PDF.

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