Reuters breaking news alerts no more on Dialog

Dialog Reuters

Seems that Reuters has pulled out of offering SMS news alerts and information bulletins through Dialog.

Dialog is now advertising Ada Derana, from the TV station Derana, as a replacement though to date, I’ve received many SMS’s from Ada Derana asking me to await breaking news alerts, none have been forthcoming.

The last I reviewed Reuters and Sri Lanka’s first SMS based news alerts service, JasmineNewswires, was when they both reported an incident in  Yala National Park.

Rumour has it that there was a question of censorship involved in Reuters decision to pull out of offering breaking news alerts through Dialog.

If true, and given that telcos in Sri Lanka covertly support the censorship of news and information, the implications are quite disturbing for mobiles as a vehicle of dialogues (no pun intended) that critique propaganda and offer alternative perspectives on war and conflict.

19 thoughts on “Reuters breaking news alerts no more on Dialog

  1. I think the switch from Reuters to Derana was a purely business decision, not political. The issue is more likely cost than content. Derana news-alerts issue at about the same frequency and they may have more correspondents on the ground.

  2. I agree with Indi. Derana has a strong news gathering and delivery network within Sri Lanka. Add to this, the synergy they have with their TV station – would surely add more value to us.

  3. Hats off to dialog for selecting a local news provider.Derana being local and having a top standard news service, im certain we’ll have the right news at the right time..

  4. Since Dialog is a Malayasian owned company I doubt they are interested in taking sides.I have recieved the Derana news alerts and think they are pretty good.

  5. I personally feel that the news has been more balanced since Derana took over.

    Reuters news was good, but it focused too much on the war, which can be depressing.

    Derana on the otherhand, during its short time in operation, has been covering a wider spectrum of news.

    After all what we need is news, not a death count !

  6. I personally believe that we need to have a localize news service in more sensitive manner. Even though Reuters has the global access I don’t think that they have that local touch.

    Ada Derana is a reliable news service which attracted the majority of Sri Lankans within very short period of time.

  7. Sanjana seems to be quite the detective 🙂

    I dont know about the others, but as for my messsage I reckon you should be focussing on the content and your opinion on the same , as opposed to my curriculum vitae..

  8. RK,

    Both your content and your opinion are coloured by an association with Dialog, should you have any. This is not to point fingers or to in any way diminish what you say – but to give me and others a better frame of reference as to where you are coming from.


  9. What makes me curious is how you associated me with Dialog as opposed to Derana.

    After all, the discussion point is on whether Derana provides better/worse news than Reuters. Therefore me working for Derana would colour my opinion in favour of Derana more than it would if I were to work for Dialog.

    After all Dialog is merely a technology provider, or a medium if you like, not the content owner.

    The conclusion I could draw from your associating me with Dialog as opposed to Derana is that your opinion must be coloured with a positive affiliation with presumably Mobitel as this would be the only logical explanation for your apparent ignorance of the obvious conclusiion that could be drawn from your observations.

  10. I personally think Derana is no where near the coverage that Reuters had, and it is obivously people with vested interests who are praising Derana over here. Hats off Sanjana for noting the IPs. Derana has lower frequency and also some very odd, irrelevant reports at times, that shows no professional commitment to the SMS service. Nowhere near what Reuters put out, and then it needs to be compared to JNW which I gather is much faster and varied than both of them.

  11. Accidently noticed all your comments – when i searched the net to find out as to how I can reactivate derana alerts (i got it deactivated couple of months back).

    As a layman, my humble opinion is that both Reuters news alerts as well as Ada Derana adequately serves the purpose of quenching the news thirst we all have. While at work on the busy schedules, the alerts, especially regarding defense these daya, helps a lot. Therefore, I am personally thankful for Dialog and Derana for the good service. Reuters was good, and Derana is not bad at all.

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