Dialog: Listening to customers?

I first expressed reservations about Dialog’s recently introduced WiMax service on Lirneasia’s blog, which has some interesting responses after my comment that call in general for a more rigorous study of the Quality of Service of “broadband” service providers in Sri Lanka (that I seem to recall Lirneasia was interested in doing, though I may be wrong).

Later, I wrote a post based on a letter I wrote to Dialog that brought out in detail the gross disconnect between what was then promised in the media blitz surrounding their WiMax campaign and what I many others, it turns out, experienced in areas that were ostensibly “covered”.

I’m happy to note that as of this week, the ads I’ve seen on Wimax (in the Daily Mirror) have added a new line that clearly indicates that connectivity is subject to site tests even in areas that are “covered”. As I wrote to Dialog’s Head of Marketing via SMS:

Note with appreciation the caveat introduced in the wimax ads now, that access is subject to testing in each location. I think this is honest and instructive and only wish you had gone with this in the first instance. Thank you and best, Sanjana”

to which his response was:

“Thanks. As I said before we are an organization who listens to the pulse of the customers as much as we can. We always appreciate honest and direct feedback. Thank you once again.”

Though I am STILL waiting to be blown away by Dialog’s Wimax speeds, it’s heartening to note that someone listens to feedback at Dialog.

Dialog’s customer support, however, is another story and perhaps warrants another post (though I’m waiting to see if anything improves as a result of a letter I sent to them before going public). But a heads up to anyone from Dialog who reads this – your stock email response, which is rather inane because it is sent out unthinkingly by customer service reps irrespective of the precise nature of the issue brought to their notice, is not just factually incorrect (as was the case with the response I got) but also grammatically incorrect.

And I for one think it’s rather perverse to actually be charged for a phone call made to a service centre.

Clearly, exponential growth in market share has its own trappings.

One thought on “Dialog: Listening to customers?

  1. what are the areas available for wimax internet connection? they haven’t said nethin abt it in dr site.Is is available in Rambukkana?? heard it’s dr in Kegalle

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