InfoShare participates in HURIDOCS workshop

InfoShare was invited to participate in an advanced workshop on Human Rights documentation conducted by HURIDOCS in Geneva, from 14-18th January 2008.

My colleague and the chief / genius coder behind the human rights monitoring, reporting and advocacy platform we created recently, Shiham Tabreez, will participate at this workshop that will hopefully work both to raise awareness of our significant work in using ICT to strengthen Human Rights amongst a larger community of practice and also give us the opportunity to learn from developments in the field from other countries and organisations.


Low-res screen grab of InfoShare’s Human Rights System based on HURIDOCS

One thought on “InfoShare participates in HURIDOCS workshop

  1. I think we also need to work on helping the human rights community to share more about the kinds of tools and systems that they have developed to document violations. There’s the (rather spurious?) security-in-obscurity argument to consider, but I think the shared experience of seeing lots of wheel-reinventing going on could help stimulate the sustainable improvement of useful tools like your Info-share platform. I will also be at the HURIDOCS Advanced Documentation Workshop, and I’m most looking forward to meeting Shiham and discussing it more.

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