Fortune magazine asks “Technology and peace: What’s the connection?”


Fortune magazine has an article on the ICT4Peace Foundation and it’s work using ICTs for peacebuilding. Daniel Stauffacher, the Chairman of the ICT4Peace Foundation talking to David Kirkpatrick of Fortune on the Foundation’s ICT4Peace process, notes that:

While there are many humanitarian relief efforts underway around the world, Stauffacher says in most cases technology is not used effectively. The problem, he has concluded, is more often one of leadership than of a lack of technology itself. While standards for communicating data between groups are insufficient, on that technologists can make steady progress. The bigger challenge is making relief and peace groups want to use them to better collaborate in the field. 

Read the article in full here or download a PDF of it here.

I am associated with the ICT4Peace Foundation as a Special Advisor.


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