PeaceVoice – New media strengthens the traditional

From Bill Warters blog comes news of a website that elicits short submissions on peace and gets them published in the traditional media in the US.

PeaceVoice gets Peace Professionals, including members of academia and the non-profit sector to submit short op-eds, which it then promotes amongst traditional media and also publishes abstracts online.

PeaceVoice is a project of the Oregon Peace Institute and …is devoted to changing U.S. national conversation about the possibilities of peace and the inadvisability of war.

We are creating a library of previously unpublished articles written by peace professionals and offering them on a daily basis as op-eds to editors of newspapers and online news organizations. Essentially, we are free literary agents to busy peace professionals. We believe that by presenting academically informed opinions that promote peace and nonviolent conflict resolution, we give the public one of the best, and most seriously absent, inoculants against war.

The site introduces the term public peace intellectuals and there’s a link to an interesting presentation there that doubles as a style guide for those who wish to contribute to the site and to op-eds in general.

This is a great example of how new media can play a role in promoting vital critiques and points of view that would not otherwise have made it on to traditional media outlets.

The content on PeaceVoice is US-centric, but there’s no reason why this model can’t work in other countries where there is some free press left that’s able and willing to publish content that critiques the status quo.

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