Lesser folks and Buddhism according to Lankapuvath

Lankapuvath, Sri Lanka’s state owned news agency, launched a new website recently. Doesn’t look half-bad, though they don’t seem to have heard of RSS feeds.

Couple of gems inside the website. Lankapuvath describes itself thus:

Lankapuvath is the Sri Lanka’s National News Agency and only news agency in the country.

The only news agency in the country?!

But the real steal is the following excerpt from a grammatical and sociological tour de force titled Sri Lanka Culture and Heritage:

Ancient rulers of Sri Lanka built monuments established institutions to honor the philosophy of Buddhism. In turn this led to lesser folks following the principles advocated by Buddhism en masse.

Given that the whole post, ostensibly dealing with Sri Lanka’s culture and heritage, has no mention of any other identity aside from Sinhalese Buddhists, it’s not hard to guess who the lesser folks were.

And still are.

UPDATED: 5 March 2009

The Lankapuvath website has been updated and the link to the story above is no longer valid. Managed to pull a copy of the old page through Google Cache. It’s here online (though I don’t know how long Google Cache maintains archives) and here as a PDF.

6 thoughts on “Lesser folks and Buddhism according to Lankapuvath

  1. The quality of content there is appalling – not merely because of the poor grammar, but because this “news agency” does not seem know the difference between “News” , “History” and “Opinion” – as demonstrated by the fact that the article “Sri Lanka Culture and Heritage” has nothing to do with “News” whatsoever.
    But they do have an RSS feed – neatly hidden at the bottom of each page (towards the right)

  2. Hi Haren,

    Actually, the RSS feed does NOT work. Try clicking it. Perhaps mercifully, going by the nature of the content on this site, it says that you are not authorised to view the resource!


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