Gagging soldiers – The continuing censorship of the US military

He told me that they have a house now and that he set up the Internet. Do you blog, I asked? No, he said. Do they censor what you write? Yes. They didn’t used to but then some guy ruined it. They read everything, and if you have the word “bomb” in a post or an email, they’ll make a copy of it and if you so much as say the word bomb on the phone, they’ll cut the line.

From a post on unpegged comes a quote that goes to show the extent to which the US military is still clamping down on the information produced and coming out of war zones such as Iraq.

As I noted in a post when this was reported in Wired magazine last year:

Aside from the excellent critique on Wired, this latest move quite clearly ridicules the SSTR initiatives fomented by the Dept. of Defense Directive 3000.05, and is an absurd reaction by those who quite clearly do not understand that information invariably finds ways to break free of regressive frameworks that seek to contain it.

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