Conflict Early Warning and ICTs

As noted first in this post, about 5 years ago, when InfoShare first started its activities in Sri Lanka, we designed a ICT framework based on the (what I believe to be flawed) FAST template for early warning that used ICTs to strengthen accountability of action taken or not taken by stakeholders in a conflict to prevent violent outbreaks of violence. 

I’ve uploaded an overview of our conceptual system here. Obviously it’s a bit dated now, but the core principles of the possibility of using ICT in conflict early warning frameworks are worth pursuing (after the Asian Tsunami of 2004, the interest in and frameworks for using ICTs for disaster early warning could be leveraged to design systems specifically geared to prevent, mitigate and effectively respond to violent ethno-political conflict).

Our system was designed with Groove Virtual Office in mind, which at the time we were using quite extensively, but can now be developed (cheaper and better) on any number of comparable collaborative workspaces, including web based versions such as Ning as well as using asynchronous technologies such as Google Gears as used on Google Docs

During my Masters research in Australia over 2004 – 2005, I developed some of these initial ideas further in a paper titled Computer Supported Collaborative Work in the North-Eastern Province in Sri Lanka.

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