Election monitoring using ICT – Metrics, programmes and services

Some data and programmes used in and from CMEV’s election monitoring platform.

  1. Email updates sent during the course of the day – 15,500 via local SMTP server
  2. Data sent (via ADSL) – approx. 750Mb
  3. Data sent (via SLT 3G HSPA) – approx. 150Mb
  4. Data received (via ADSL) – approx. 1Gb
  5. Data received (via 3G HSPA) – approx. 200Mb
  6. Websites and services used – WordPress, Google Maps, Twitter, Internet Archive, TechnoratiReinvigorate, Facebook
  7. Programmes used – Quicktime 8 Pro (podcast recording), Garageband (podcast production), Safari 3.1, Firefox 3 Beta 5 (running on projector in operations room with key information), Skype, Call Recorder for SkypeTwhirl, Maxbulk Mailer
  8. Programmes that failed – CC Publisher (hugely unreliable and miserably slow on Leopard)
  9. Assumptions that failed – Didn’t get half as many SMS updates as we thought we would even though CMEV designed a superb SMS template for incident reports. Coverage of all major telcos in the East just shy of urban areas ranges from poor and intermittent to wholly non-existent. Towards evening, services became even more erratic.
  10. Assumptions that worked – More interest in maps than (textual) reports
  11. # of time my Macbook Pro / OS X crashed during the day – 0

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