YouTube wants more citizen journalists

Olivia M. is the new YouTube News Manager and she wants more citizen journalists to send in their content to the site.

YouTube was the only platform I considered for Vikalpa’s Video Channel (the first and sadly still the only citizen journalism video channel in Sri Lanka) but there are other sites, Vimeo and Veoh being two I use, that are fast catching up.

YouTube, because of its sheer size and accessibility for a site of this nature, is still useful, but I use Veoh to syndicate content to both YouTube and Google Video in addition to a copy on Veoh that’s of a higher resolution. Vimeo also supports HD, which is you have a fast connection looks delicious. In general, most of newer video sharing sites have much better resolution than YouTube, but of course this comes at the price of being inaccessible of slower connection (e.g. SLT “broadband”). 

One more impediment to serious citizen journalists and non-profits that encourage it. YouTube has a great non-profit programme, but as I noted in my previous post on it I hope YouTube extends service to non-profits registered outside of the US.

Because of all the sheer nonsense and junk on sites like YouTube it’s sometimes difficult to actually get to more serious content from citizen journalists. And I’m not talking about the TV news services opening up channels on YouTube (BBC, France24 and Al Jazeera to name but three) – those are fairly straightforward to find. But the stuff of issues that I care about related to peacebuilding and human rights are overwhelmed by a endless stream of drivel that makes exploring the site for new content that’s more to my taste tiresome.  

And I’m not too crazy about it’s design either, which looks more than a bit dated. But the thing is, YouTube works for what I do in Sri Lanka, is mobile friendly (you can upload videos directly to the site) and plays nice with slower connections (you hit play, sleep and when you wake up the next day, you can play the video jitter free)… 

So respond to Olivia M., send your videos, send your thoughts and let’s make YouTube better. Together. 

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