Firefox 3 just manages 4,000 downloads in Sri Lanka

Of the over 8 million people who downloaded Firefox on the day it was launched, just over 4,000 were from Sri Lanka. Sounds low, but we downloaded more copies than Nepal and Bangladesh and very strangely, even more than Kenya that managed just 2,281 downloads. 

Firefox remains the most reassuring browser to use from the perspective of online security, though from the perspective of OS integration and convenience, Safari on the Mac still remains my default browser. More out of habit than necessity, I still switch to FF when I do my internet banking and online purchases.

The new version is noticeably faster on the Mac when rendering pages over Safari. I’m in Victoria, Canada at the moment on a blazingly fast internet connection. Firefox renders / loads pages quicker and scrolling through media rich sites like Quicktime, Apple, MTV, CNET Video and Ajax sites is noticeably more responsive than Safari 3.1, which is certainly no slouch either. It also looks more like a native Mac app than any previous version, which is very nice. 

I’ve promoted FF as the browser of choice for the work I do with Human Rights organisations in Sri Lanka. There’s some resistance (to move away from Internet Explorer), but I’m hopeful that with the new version and the ease of use, security and functionality it brings with it (the most significant I believe since Version 1 as a user of the browser from its beta days) more users will migrate to it as their default browser.

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