The rise of botnets?

Akamai has a couple of interesting visualisations of the internet on their site but the real time web monitor (updated every 24hrs) is very interesting. Today, it shows a high prevalence of attacks in China / Taiwan, though for some reason Chile also shows it is under higher than normal levels of attack.

As noted on the website:

Akamai measures attack traffic in real time across the Internet with our diverse network deployments. We collect data on the number of connections that are attempted, the source IP address, the destination IP address and the source and destination ports in real time. The packets captured are generally from automated scanning trojans and worms looking to infect new computers scanning randomly generated IP addresses. The attack traffic depicts the total number of attacks over the last twenty-four hours. Values are measured in attacks per 24 hours (attacks/24hrs). Regions are displayed as countries or states.  

It’s an interesting visualisation of the rise of (positively frightening) botnets. I’m just after the 2008 Online Dispute Resolution Forum in Victoria where Vint Cerf gave a compelling presentation on botnets and the future of the internet, that I hope to blog about soon.

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