ICANN hacked and the essential insecurity of the web

What happens when the official domain names of the organizations that issue the domain names in general, and provide all the practical guidance on how the prevent DNS hijacking, end up having their own domain names hijacked? A wake up call for the Internet community…. One thing’s for sure though, if the ICANN and IANA can lose control of their domains, anyone can.

ICANN was hacked today – an incident that raises the question as to just how secure websites today are against DDOS attacks and indeed, the the rising mafia on the web that arises from protection rings that place BOTS to secure machines against other BOTS. 

Realising that the web is essentially insecure and unreliable is a useful way, I find, to frame the optimism of ICTs dependent on it to support peacebuilding and peacekeeping operations. 

Also begs the question, with all the attention on “the cloud” as the repository of services and information as well as the facilitator of knowledge exchange, what happens when a critical service, platform or mechanism is hacked into? Say during a humanitarian response? 

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