Sri Lankan Government bans GPS in mobile phones?

A news report today suggests that the Government has banned GPS on mobile phones. Unsurprisingly, the Defence Spokesperson when queried didn’t know what’s going on – but this wouldn’t be the first time the Ministry of Defense carried out an initiative without its own rank and file being informed

So it’s ok to sell GPS / Sat Nav units for vehicles but not ok to have the feature on mobile phones.

Someone please explain this one to me. 

9 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Government bans GPS in mobile phones?

  1. You just wait and see – it will be only a matter of time when Gota & Co. will ban mobile phone use by ordinary people in Sri Lanka, all in the name of national security or anti terrorism of course. Or the process of obtaining a mobile phone license will be made so difficult – gramasevaka and police clearance and annual fee, etc – that it will be as hard as, or even harder than, owning a gun.

    No wonder mobile phone operators are diversifying their business. They are smart enough to read the writing on the wall…

  2. Please join the Facebook group against Sri Lankan government effectively banning all high – end mobile phones ( the bigger harm can be done by Car Nav, then why phones ? ) in Sri Lanka and help make a voice of opposition against a backward trend in a developing world. Click here to join.

    This just shows the way MR (Motta Raala) works. They must be thinking that Tigers use mobiles for GPS and that they import every item legally through the customs. What a joke ? GoSL can NOT ban GPS, the satellites are thousands of kilometers away in orbit and the Pentagon isn’t going to call them back per the request of a poor country that goes to disaster day by day.

  3. GPS is now working with the support of a-gps (assisted gps) where the network (currently Dialog supports) is used to get the positioning information through GPRS (not much data is transfered – just below 5KB). But anyway no road map is available from Nokia. But we can see our location.

  4. it is available…check from your mobile…its not banned anymore….it was banned due to war reasons…now its enabled…full access…i even use it..

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