ICT4Peace wiki featured in Communications Initiative’s ICT4D section

The ICT4Peace Foundation’s ICT4Peace wiki, that I manage, was featured in the Communications Initiative ICT4D section recently.

As noted on the wiki, the “inventorisation” process revolves around the use of an edit-able wiki to share information about how ICTs – e.g., personal computers, mobile phones, and the internet – are being used to facilitate effective and sustained communication between all stakeholders involved in crisis management, humanitarian aid, and peacebuilding.

For more details of the Foundation please visit it’s website.

Please also see this disclaimer reg. the opinions, ideas and content on this blog and my work with the Foundation. Though it’s a fact that I started to think about and actually put into action initiatives to promote and support peace through ICTs, the Foundation’s work with the UN and other national and international actors is breaking new ground on how multi-lateral agencies and governments see and use ICTs for peacebuilding, peacekeeping, conflict prevention, mitigation, transformation and post-conflict reconstruction. 

It’s a very nice fit for me, even though my interests and practice in ICT4Peace are larger than the specific foci of the Foundation at the moment. 

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