A novel use for mobile phones: Recording oneself being raped

Press reports indicate that Sri Lanka’s new Inspector General of Police has a novel idea for the use of mobile phones.

Inspector General Jayantha Wickremeratne, who assumed duties last week, says camera phones could play a bigger role in crime busting.

“If someone comes to rape you, use your mobile phone to record it,” he said addressing journalists in Sri Lanka’s hill capital, Kandy yesterday.

What an amazing idea! So all the victim has to do is to, among other things,:

(a) Ask the would be rapist to hang in there (no pun intended) while the phone is suitably positioned, the camera switched on and recording begins
(b) Take frequent time outs from the act of rape to ensure that the recording captures the rapist’s face and the actual act, without which of course the footage would be useless
(c) Ask the rapist permission to keep the possession of the camera phone and the footage of the rape, so that it can be subsequently used as evidence

I wonder what other ideas our genius IGP has up his sleeve?

12 thoughts on “A novel use for mobile phones: Recording oneself being raped

  1. We also can have a web site to include all those pictures and films so that the rapist could be identified by the public.

    What a way to combat crime? Technology at its best.

  2. It’s not funny when we are PAYING this joker’s salary and also bear the enormous cost of his upkeep — bullet proof cars, Colombo 7 bungalow, security car fleet, etc, etc. The JOKE IS ON US!

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