JNW SMS news service returns to Dialog

Some SMS based news services in Sri Lanka have a rather peculiar understanding of news – no reports received for example when over 1,500 Tamils were arrested and detained late last year perhaps because some operators place restrictions on the nature of news that can be sent over their networks. 

Particularly in this context, I’m very glad that JNW is now back on Dialog. The quality, timeliness and importantly, the accuracy of their news updates, from experience, is impeccable. JNW is the SMS based news and information service that started it all in Sri Lanka. Even though today one finds a range of SMS news services from Ada Derana to the Daily Mirror, none have really matched up to JNW. This blog was the first to highlight the service over two years ago when it launched and since then I’ve written many detailed posts on it, it’s business and revenue model and strategies for its growth and expansion

A programme that looks at JNW and its creator Chamath Ariyadasa can be seen below.

Read the story behind the video here and a review of JNW’s performance in reporting an event related to the on-going conflict in Sri Lanka and in emergency warning.

Instructions on how to subscribe here.

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