Keep tabs on your ISP’s quality of service through Switzerland

Not the country, but the programme created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As the EFF website notes, 

Developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Switzerland is an open source software tool for testing the integrity of data communications over networks, ISPs and firewalls. It will spot IP packets which are forged or modified between clients, inform you, and give you copies of the modified packets.

The raison d’etre of Switzerland is explained in this document, though the programme is far too geeky to be of any use to the majority of consumers. However, Switzerland seems to have beaten Google in providing tools to keep tabs on their ISPs. 

I wonder whether the integration of Switzerland (or comparable tool) to check for network neutrality / interference by ISPs in Sri Lanka would be useful to incorporate in the next iteration of Lirneasia’s Ashoka-Tissa broadband Quality of Service testing.

I have repeatedly heard that some leading ISPs in Sri Lanka who promote WiMax and their own VoIP telephony heavily are throttling torrents and Skype VoIP, but there’s no way to debunk or prove these allegations unless serious third party testing takes place.

Any takers?

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