UNICEF and Google Maps

UNICEF uses a simple mash-up of Google Maps to highlight stories of the agencies initiatives and activities around the world. 


Google Maps and UNICEF
Google Maps and UNICEF

UNICEF is an agency that uses a range of new media mechanisms, from podcasts to vodcasts, to raise awareness of its work and the challenges it responds to. In this it differs from many other UN agencies. Reviewing a production by UNESCO two years ago I noted,

“UNESCO’s Revisiting Public Service Television offers a compelling glimpse into how public service content will be produced and delivered in the future. But UNESCO barely captures the range of possibilities made possible by ICT in the promotion of public service content – one hopes that over time, such productions will be disseminated in more ways than just through DVD and that UNESCO, and others who produce similar content, will use them not so much as showpieces that only reside on the shelves of offices within the limited confines of the UN system, but as instigators of progressive dialogues and debate that strengthen democracy and are captured and nurtured using the myriad of social communications technologies made possible by the web and internet.”

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