Hackers and botnets get better and better

It could be you
It could be you

Listening to Vint Cerf talk about the rise and behaviour of botnets on the web was both fascinating and frightening at the Online Dispute Resolution forum in Victoria earlier this year. Recently, my own Gmail email account was hacked into, possibly by a botnet.

It comes as no surprise then to read a recent report that points to the growing sophistication of botnets and hackers on the web.

  • while botnets are smaller and growing more slowly than they did last year, their operators are using them more efficiently. Alternatively, the computers themselves may be staying zombie-fied for a longer period of time.
  • The United States continues to be the primary launch pad for all things spammish at 16.56 percent of the total volume, followed by Russia (6.71 percent), Turkey (6.51 percent), Brazil (5.29 percent) and Italy (4.32 percent).
  • The big-picture view of things is that threats are rapidly becoming more sophisticated as hackers blend threats with multiple characteristics and approaches, and adapt to new social mediums.
  • According to reports, a pro-Russian group of hackers attacked Lithuanian websites, disabling up to 300 of them.
Read coverage of the report on Ars Technica here, which includes a download link to the full report from Secure Computing.

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