E-Petitions in the UK Parliament

Egovonline reports that the UK Parliament will soon introduce e-Petitions. It’s nice to see a Government get right what some

The Parliament’s Procedure Committee proposal for e-Petitions will now be accepted through the parliamentary website, announced the Government of UK.

“Electronic petitions will be hosted on the parliament’s website for a limited time to enable interested individuals to add their names. Signatories could also choose to receive updates on a petition’s progress,” according to the proposal.

This will ease the procedures for filing petitions.

e-Petitions will require the petitioners to state that they have taken some previous action to resolve their issue.

Speaking on the ocassion, the House of Commons Leader Harriet Harman said, “The government hopes that the House will endorse this way forward, allowing it to take a significant step forward in helping to promote better engagement with the public”.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) started accepting e-Petitions since November 2006.

If the proposal is passed by the Members of Parliament (MPs), then the House of Commons would follow in the footsteps of the PMO.

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