The new Google Maps for mobile

Google Maps (on the PC or on mobiles) is not that useful in Sri Lanka, but I was in Copenhagen this week and using it on my Blackberry I was able to locate my hotel as I was walking along. The street level detail is quite amazing and coupled with the Blackberry 8310’s GPS, the accuracy in a city that Google has a lot of GIS information on is astounding. 

Google’s now released a new version of Google Maps for mobiles, which I just downloaded. It’s more responsive than the previous version for me and the graphics, even for Colombo, seem sharper. For select cities, the new version includes street views, a feature hitherto only found on the desktop client.

My only concern – roaming data charges. In Denmark it cost DKK 75 per megabyte, and while this is quite sufficient for emails, running data hungry apps like Google Maps could run up quite a bill.

That said, can’t wait to try out the new Google Maps version in a city that Google supports street view.

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