Make your peace. Virtually.

Make your peace
Make your peace

We all experience conflict – at work, in the family, the playground, our relationships. We’ve all over-reacted, or behaved in a way we later regretted and wished we could make redress for. Make Your Peace is your chance to do just that. It’s a special campaign from Peace Direct marking the UN’s International Day of Peace, 21 September, to help you do something positive and practical about conflict in your life.

Peace Direct has come up with a beautifully designed website aimed at capturing the spirit of the UN International Day of Peace, falling on 21 September 2008.

You can send an e-card, write a tribute and donate to various peacebuilding initiatives around the world.

What’s interesting is that peace on this site means a lot more things than just complex, violent ethno-political conflict. For example, stories include persons trying to make peace with themselves, going through bitter divorce proceedings, making peace with parents and other family members.

Stories of peacemaking
Stories of peacemaking

This is a great idea.

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