Amnesty International’s unsubscribe campaign: Compelling, visceral and cutting-edge

In I am an enemy of the State, I said that Rajapakse regime’s war was not in my name. Amnesty International’s unsubscribe-me web campaign is based on a similar sentiment. As the website notes,

Unsubscribe is a movement of people united against human rights abuses in the ‘war on terror’. The threat of terrorism is real, but trampling over human rights is not the answer. From Guantanamo Bay, rendition, torture and waterboarding – we unsubscribe. 


Jiva Parthipan, who recently emailed me, is featured on this site and his production gives you an idea of the compelling nature of the content featured in the AI campaign. 

What’s of particular interest in AI’s web campaign strategy is the embrace of social networking, email, video and instant messaging as a means of disseminating information on HR abuses as well as awareness about the unsubscribe initiative.


Spreading the word
Spreading the word

I’ve been following AI’s web campaigns for quite a while. They haven’t always got it right. In How not to go about an online petition – Amnesty USA’s online petition on Sri Lanka I wrote against what was a very daftway of going about an online petition against HR abuses in Sri Lanka. 

Clearly, lessons have been identified and learnt. for me is compelling because of Jiva’s performance in “Waiting for the Guards”, which I’ve blogged about separately.

Leveraging web media, video and social networks, AI’s campaign shows us a glimpse of the role of HR defenders in the future and how campaigns support Human Rights will be run, complementing of course the irreplaceable work of HR defenders at the frontlines of violent conflict.

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